Certified FRA Hi-Rail Inspection Services

(Hy-Rail, High Rail, Rail Gear)

Maintenance of Way Equipment Services is a Certified FRA Hi-Rail (Hy-Rail, High Rail, Rail Gear) Inspector. We invite you to bring your Hi-Rail truck or vehicle to our location in Rosenberg, TX for a thorough inspection. Additionally, we offer two mobile service units that can also conduct FRA Certified Hi-Rail Inspections. Our service vehicles can reach you in the field & have conducted Hi-Rail Inspections & related services for Railroad Customers throughout Texas.
Rail Services.

MOW Equipment provides repairs and parts including alignment, adjustments, and maintenance on rail gear through FRA Certified and Trained technicians to comply with annual inspection requirements.

Annual Hi-Rail Safety Inspection Checklist FRA § 214.523:

  • Inspect Hi-Rail assemblies for loose or missing parts
  • Check warning light or beacon
  • Check back up alarm
  • Inspect guide wheels’ wear
  • Inspect tram and alignment
  • Check guide wheel gauge
  • Annual inspection report must be kept on the hi-rail vehicle
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