Why Choose MOW Equipment Services?

Over 150+ years of combined railroad, general mechanical, and prior USA Class 1 railroad experience, Maintenance of Way Equipment Services is a leading source for work ready and affordable railroad track maintenance of way equipment and parts. Our commitment is to provide quality railroad safe products and services to our customers.


We have a large inventory of work ready used rail equipment for all stages of rail maintenance and production projects at affordable costs. Our customers also have access to new parts via our supplier network.

Our experienced rail equipment mechanics, operators, and workers operate in a 32,000 square foot shop to service, refurbish, and/or repair multiple types of maintenance of way equipment.

  • Engines, Hydraulics, Electrical, Controls, Measuring systems.
  • Reach back to OEMs, Original Equipment Manufacturers,  for challenging problems or engineering updates.
  • MOW Equipment painting, fully refurbish, and repair equipment.
  • Comprehensive shop inspection and track testing conducted for all machines leaving the shop for delivery.

MOW Services supports a global marketplace for the purchase, sales, service, maintenance, or lease of new and refurbished railroad maintenance of way equipment and parts.


Do you need construction services?

Maintenance of Way Construction Services can provide equipment and crews capable of rehabilitating and refurbishing existing railroad tracks or laying down new track. We can also provide master technicians to operate, service and maintain track equipment. As owners of the track maintenance equipment, we offer competitive pricing to track owners. We have experienced and efficiently sized teams with the capability and capacity to deliver projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Maintenance of Way Equipment Services

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