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The early nineties saw an increased demand for used railroad maintenance of way equipment from short line railroad companies as the cost of brand-new equipment needed to maintain their tracks often exceeded their budgets. This trend resulted in a large market for used maintenance of way equipment that continues to grow today.

Due this growth and demand, we have seen the need to expand this department for our customers. We offer many of our MOW Equipment units for immediate lease, and/or can overhaul a unit once an order is processed. If properly maintained, heavy equipment can perform well for years. At MOW Equipment Services, we use cutting-edge technology and hands-on expertise to inspect, collect, analyze, diagnose and monitor equipment functionality. From pre-owned, used and refurbished track construction equipment and parts, Maintenance of Way Equipment Services owns, sells, hauls, scraps and leases all railroad related equipment.

The Toughest of Railway Jobs

Maintenance of Way Equipment Services provides solutions needed to satisfy the most complex of rail maintenance jobs. Equipment Leasing has become a #1 service to our customers, as we will work with you to tailor a cost-effective solution that meets both your project and financial needs. We are a full-service lessor of Maintenance of Way equipment located in North America, and our strategic partnerships around the world allow us to provide global solutions with ease. Let us know what you are looking for and one of our MOW specialists will respond to you as soon as possible.

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  Do you need an operator, crew, or project manager?

MOW Equipment Services has the capability to provide master technicians to operate, service, and maintain track equipment. We can also provide equipment and track surfacing crews capable of rehabilitating and refurbishing existing railroad tracks. As owners of the track maintenance equipment, we offer competitive pricing to track owners. We have experienced and efficiently sized teams with the capability and capacity to deliver projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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